Bob Watson

"I started working with Darrin at BC Automotive back in 2006 when BCA participated in a Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords article to convert my 5-speed Bullitt Mustang to the 4R70W transmission BCA provided. 

The transmission worked flawlessly, and Darrin was key in helping me sort out what was required in the wiring conversion on the manual car. In fact, we maintained EEC controlled shifting even at the track. Put in drive and go.

As years progressed, my 4R70W Bullitt street car went from the mid-10 second two-valve car to now a low-9 second 4-valve car. On the 4-valve upgrade, Darrin upgraded the internals again, but maintained the Electronic Shifting lock-up converter configuration while running a 9.3 in the 1/4 at over 150 MPH.

This is a 3,300 lb car pushing over 700 torque through this 4R and pulling 1.4, 60 ft times. I doubt there is another 4R out there there that has handled that duty. Well, unless BCA build it. Especially season after season as mine has. I absolutely recommend BCA and Darrin for your high performance transmission work."

- Bob